Who You Are

You may never know who you really are until the last moments you’re alive. Scary? Or relieving? Well, that depends on how you see your life. If you’re scared that you may never know who you are, that mostly means you have a heart of an angel. If you’re relieved that you may never know who you really are, then it’s clear that you may not have done things the way you wanted to in life.

Never be relieved about the fact that you may never learn the truth. It’s a curse that ignorance casts on you to receive short lived bliss. Don’t fall for it, never run away from who you really are. Don’t ignore your qualities, good or bad. Nourish the qualities which radiate goodness and malnourish your bad ones. Ah, the task now is, to identify what is good and bad. Unfortunately, you have to make this judgement call yourself. Be willing to bet that you can identify what is good and bad, for this, will truly tell you who you really are.


The Horror of Destiny

“One often meets destiny on the road he chose to avoid it.” This statement not only reflects truth, but harsh reality. The turtle from king fu panda really was genuinely wise after all.

‘Destiny’ is another blunt concept of life which holds no true meaning. If you were born in a family who owns a bookstore, you conveniently say, ‘it’s my destiny, or fate.’ When one says ‘I will change my destiny,’ I can’t help but laugh. You can’t change your destiny, you can only choose to pursue it. You can only choose IT. Destiny was never fixed, never told to you. It’s just a concept you think is imposed on you before you were born.

Of course, you can choose your path, your passion, but that doesn’t mean you’ve changed anything. It means you’re creating something. Understand that destiny is to be created, made, not changed.

Obviously, a peach seed will give rise only to a peach tree, and all humans will eventually die, so that’s my destiny. To die. Even if you do make that argument, YOU can select the WAY you die my friend. Always remember, almost everything in life is in your hands. Don’t cry over what’s not in your control, rather, embrace what you have.

It All Starts With a Question

One can make an argument and say, life itself is a question. What’s its purpose? The thing is, you make your purpose. You aren’t sent here with a pre existing goal, you make one. How do you make your purpose? Well, with a question.

As children we all asked weird questions and cringed upon them later, but those moments are what define us today. When children see something fascinating, it’s a given that they ask their parents what it is. The answer they give, is what turns children’s fate.

Mommy, what is that? Oh dear it’s a dreadful cat. Mommy what is that? It’s a beautiful cat dear. These influences are what makes us who we are. The questions you ask, the answers you get, all decide your fate.

Now, as an adult, you have the chance to curb your own fate with your own answers to your questions. Never stop being curious, for when you do, that will truly mean you are dead. Always spark your brain with knowledge. All you have to do, is ask a question.

My Perfectly Twisted World

Is the world is a good place? Is it a bad place? Neutral? The world we live in, is pathological. It does not have it’s own personality, but it’s pathological. The world works on principles created by humans, not an angel. If the engine of the world is pathological, the world itself is bound to be the same.

We consume ourselves through ego, we run behind money, fame, name. All just for temporary ecstacy. Without different gear sizes, a clock won’t work. In the same way, without bad people, good people, or neutral people, the world cant work. Aimless dreams such as ‘I’ll make everyone kind’ is not possible. Influencing a group is different from influencing the world. Bad people will be replaced, and so will good people.

How is this world perfectly twisted? No one will call themselves a bad person, and good people will never say they’re good. At the end of the day, neutral answers are given to us, just to maintain equilibrium. If it’s not maintained, fear of getting killed, or betrayed arises.

My twisted world is perfect, perfect for survival, for it is the one that created that concept. You must survive in this world, but also, try to live too. Live with all your heart. Try to treat the world’s pathology, or at least try not to add to it.

Indifferent Salvation

Many species of animals thrive on earth. Dominance separates one another but balance is maintained as much as possible. Suffering is a constant for every life form, but is it the same?

The problems of a rich man may be heaven for that of the destitute. Problems for fish is heaven for a camel. Lots of these comparisons show us that life is not indifferent. It is purely biased.

When someone says they believe in indifferent salvation they are probably lying, or try and maintain a good reputation. Would anyone want to save someone who would go on to kill other people? That’s what it means to have indifferent salvation. What is right and what is wrong, cannot be decided so easily.

Salvation and forgiveness must not be indifferent, but not completely biased either. There is always a chance that someone may change due to the kindness they receive. You should always be willing to place bets on people. Sometimes large bets, in cases where you’re sure the person will change, and small bets when you’re not sure.

Be kind, but don’t be a god, for that is not your responsibility. Your responsibility is to be human.

Your Inner Critic

One who showers himself with compliments, pity, or excuses, will never be extraordinary but will be a jubilant fool. A divine being lives inside you. It is a harsh, ugly and scary demon like figure, but very divine. He is your inner Critic

Your inner Critic is probably the most important part of your competitive life. He wont pamper you or give you the benefit of the doubt. His responsibility is to pick up the stick not the pity reward, but, it is up to you to bring this monster up, or shut it down. Ramifications to shutting it down are rough, and one must understand why.

It’s easy for the outside world to insult you or praise you, and it’s very easy for you to ignore the criticism and take all the pity praise. Without critiquing yourself, you will end up in a stilted life. Getting out of your comfort zone should be your goal. Conquer all around you, and make every piece if land your own comfort zone. Be your biggest Critic and always never pity yourself or your situation. Stay strong and love your inner Critique, for he is your one and only true saviour.

The Sport We Call Life


A sport is that which has a competitive nature to it. Strategy, intelligence, resilience, are all required to win. Your body is a field, your emotions are players, your mind is the referee, and society is an external condition affecting the game.

High intensity competitions are constant among your emotions. Sometimes they fight with your mind, just as players fight with the referee. A couple of times, players damage the field or stadium they are competing in, just how your emotions damage you. When dark grey clouds express their thunderous clap, it is not possible to play outdoor sports. Similarly, people’s words have the ability to influence the arrival of the cloud of dejection. This cloud hovers over your emotions and ultimately, makes you feel a little under the weather. Storms always sink careless ships.

One of the most important things you should learn in life is the art of tenacity. It is the only thing that pushes people forward. A tenacious mind must also be a sound one, not ruthless. Pushing forward without a game plan won’t make you a needle mover. What is the use of flying high? You need to reach somewhere don’t you? Plan your life like you would if you were on a football field. Pass the ball to the right emotions, and let them score a goal. Set sail by blowing away your cloud of dejection with the winds of inspiration.

Don’t let your emotions fight with the referee. When they do, it’s time for a red card. Always stay resilient, and always remember, storms may come and storms may go, but you go on forever.

Man’s Natural Enemy

The top of the food chain is man’s territory and has been so for thousands of years. At the top, it’s only natural to look down. Sadly, every person loves to infatuate themselves with a false fact that they are at the top and no one else is. If being at the top of the food chain is the only accomplishment of a man, it is fair to say that he has not done anything at all in his life for it is natural selection that has put him in the positon he is in. When modern man says he is at the top of the food chain, it is a fraudulent claim, for it is the status of man’s forefathers that has been stolen, never earned.

Would anyone prefer to come into this world with automatic privilege or would they want to earn that privilege? Devastatingly enough, people prefer to be born that way. Hard work has left the human body like how water transpires from plants. Birth privilege is what is wished for, and if never destined with it, man calls it misfortune. What has the world come to? Hard work is what puts the extra in the ordinary, not the skill which you were gifted with. Evolving your birth skill, or using your liberty for good, is what puts the extra in the ordinary.

Man’s natural enemy is nobody but himself. The homosapien’s once brilliant mind is now filled with foolish desires which have devolved it into a brain. A once simple man with the power of reasoning has been reduced to a complex man with a brain without the power to deduce. Social powers mould people through greed, outer appearance, strength, colour, so much that it is forgotten that we all bleed the same, sweat the same, and cry the same.

Man is born with privilege only because of an abstract being called society. This horrendous fiend will haunt man for the rest of his life and spares none. A truly happy man is he who realises that he is responsible for its birth and blocks himself from it. Prioritise killing the devil, rather than feeding it with your ego.  

You are never given happiness, you earn it, and you only do so if you realise that there is no boundary to your space of improvement. Let your ego fall into the depths of darkness, but don’t fall with it. Always use your mind, not your brain, for that may be the true natural enemy of mankind.

The Abstractness of Evolution

When someone says they have evolved, they really only mean that they have changed. The word ‘evolution’ might just be the evolved form of the word ‘change’.

Super villains love using the term ‘evolve’ when they develop delusion of grandeur and start to infatuate themselves through a belief that they are invincible. The concept of evolution revolves around the fact that someone or something becomes positively ‘better’, or ‘superior’. Keeping that in mind, what is so good about a villain who is ‘evolved’. There is no positivity behind a statement such as that. This, is when I prefer to use the term ‘Reconstruction’. It is the change brought about in the life of a person, which is considered normal. Positive or negative, it is beautiful nonetheless.

Reconstruction happens to everyone every day, and probably every hour. It is initiated by a base, an emotion, mostly regret in my opinion. Vowing to never do something, never behave in a certain way, or to start behaving in a certain way, is the start of your transformation. The process always starts with instability, which determines the fate of that change you want to implement. Days pass by, you haven’t taken that tasty little treat in the fridge. Suddenly you feel the demanding rumble of your stomach. You break your vow to never eat sweets, all of a sudden, you are back to square one. The taste was so good. Your tongue, elated by the flavour, tells you to never make a vow to not eat sweets again.

At the end of a long, dark, run, villains almost always seize to be evil. Has their evolution betrayed them? Or is it now that they have actually evolved. Complicated if it you think of it in that way. When someone starts to reconstruct their personality, they have to start with a base. If that base is negative emotions, you ultimately become a bad person. When you somehow realise what you are doing is unhealthy, you start from the very beginning once again.

At the end of the day, you can always make amends, you can always change, but you may even revert back to your old self. It is your motive which decides whether you evolve, or devolve, but what is certain, is that you succumb to the truth, called change.

Vision – The False Truth

Majority are captivated by a few simple, yet meaningless atrocities they call philosophy. Once an individual is captured by a certain school of thought, euphoria, man’s nightmare, convinces him that he is invincible. It is easy to swallow philosophy, but not the truth, for it is a bitter pill. The only true philosophy this world can naturally offer, is the art of survival.

This natural survival instinct pushes man into different ideologies so he can escape into a world of bliss through ignorance, ignorance towards things that matter.

One particular man, named Benny believed that seeing is the only way you can believe in something. He spread his philosophy wherever he travelled, and people started to spread his ideologies further.  On one such journey of his, he ended up in a small town and decided to stay there for the day as he was exhausted. It was dawn by the time he had arrived at that peaceful town. There was nobody in sight. He realised all of the townsmen were crossing the river and decided to follow them and saw that the people were burying bread and fresh fruits on the other side of the river, a few feet from a forest. He asked one elderly woman what was going on. She told him that they bury food every day at dawn on the other side of the river to feed 2 blue leopards. She further told him that they were the guardians of the town and protect them from evil. These leopards eat bread and fruits? A sarcastic smirk appeared on Benny’s face. He asked the lady, are they siblings? She said yes, a brother and a sister. Benny further questioned the lady on the features of the leopards and finally asked her, if she saw the creatures with her own eyes. She responded by saying, no one in the town can see the two as they were divine creatures and only show themselves when they are truly needed. Benny was amused and thought to himself that this town would be the best place to spread his philosophy. He decided to preach first thing in the morning.

Benny paid a lodge for the night. It was midnight, he wasn’t able to find sleep, so he decided to go outside for a stroll. It was then when he heard the calm, soothing voice of the river, and wanted to sit beside it and listen to it. When the river was in sight, he noticed something. He ran towards the river as if he were being summoned. There, he witnessed something he had never dreamed of. Two crimson blue leopards digging the soft soil. His eyes stared at their bright blue coat. They majestically ate the town offering and ran back into the forest. He jumped into the river and swam frantically to the other side. He searched and searched but could not find them, nor see footprints or any sign of them. He searched the whole night, but found nothing. He went back to the heart of the town, muddy and drenched. The elderly woman asked him what had happened. Benny explained to her what had happened last night. She smiled and just walked away. He was sure that he had seen those beautiful creatures, but the people of the town never did, but still believed in their existence. The towns people believe in a truth they have never seen. Benny then thought, truth does not necessarily mean that someone has to experience it with their five senses, they just have to believe.

No philosophy is wrong, and no philosophy is right. Philosophy is tangible and non-tangible at the same time. Perception is what brings the bias towards believing in an ideology. Always remember, what you don’t see, is not what is false, and what you see, is not what is true. The actions you take when you believe in something, is the truth.