Vision – The False Truth

Majority are captivated by a few simple, yet meaningless atrocities they call philosophy. Once an individual is captured by a certain school of thought, euphoria, man’s nightmare, convinces him that he is invincible. It is easy to swallow philosophy, but not the truth, for it is a bitter pill. The only true philosophy this world can naturally offer, is the art of survival.

This natural survival instinct pushes man into different ideologies so he can escape into a world of bliss through ignorance, ignorance towards things that matter.

One particular man, named Benny believed that seeing is the only way you can believe in something. He spread his philosophy wherever he travelled, and people started to spread his ideologies further.  On one such journey of his, he ended up in a small town and decided to stay there for the day as he was exhausted. It was dawn by the time he had arrived at that peaceful town. There was nobody in sight. He realised all of the townsmen were crossing the river and decided to follow them and saw that the people were burying bread and fresh fruits on the other side of the river, a few feet from a forest. He asked one elderly woman what was going on. She told him that they bury food every day at dawn on the other side of the river to feed 2 blue leopards. She further told him that they were the guardians of the town and protect them from evil. These leopards eat bread and fruits? A sarcastic smirk appeared on Benny’s face. He asked the lady, are they siblings? She said yes, a brother and a sister. Benny further questioned the lady on the features of the leopards and finally asked her, if she saw the creatures with her own eyes. She responded by saying, no one in the town can see the two as they were divine creatures and only show themselves when they are truly needed. Benny was amused and thought to himself that this town would be the best place to spread his philosophy. He decided to preach first thing in the morning.

Benny paid a lodge for the night. It was midnight, he wasn’t able to find sleep, so he decided to go outside for a stroll. It was then when he heard the calm, soothing voice of the river, and wanted to sit beside it and listen to it. When the river was in sight, he noticed something. He ran towards the river as if he were being summoned. There, he witnessed something he had never dreamed of. Two crimson blue leopards digging the soft soil. His eyes stared at their bright blue coat. They majestically ate the town offering and ran back into the forest. He jumped into the river and swam frantically to the other side. He searched and searched but could not find them, nor see footprints or any sign of them. He searched the whole night, but found nothing. He went back to the heart of the town, muddy and drenched. The elderly woman asked him what had happened. Benny explained to her what had happened last night. She smiled and just walked away. He was sure that he had seen those beautiful creatures, but the people of the town never did, but still believed in their existence. The towns people believe in a truth they have never seen. Benny then thought, truth does not necessarily mean that someone has to experience it with their five senses, they just have to believe.

No philosophy is wrong, and no philosophy is right. Philosophy is tangible and non-tangible at the same time. Perception is what brings the bias towards believing in an ideology. Always remember, what you don’t see, is not what is false, and what you see, is not what is true. The actions you take when you believe in something, is the truth.

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