The Abstractness of Evolution

When someone says they have evolved, they really only mean that they have changed. The word ‘evolution’ might just be the evolved form of the word ‘change’.

Super villains love using the term ‘evolve’ when they develop delusion of grandeur and start to infatuate themselves through a belief that they are invincible. The concept of evolution revolves around the fact that someone or something becomes positively ‘better’, or ‘superior’. Keeping that in mind, what is so good about a villain who is ‘evolved’. There is no positivity behind a statement such as that. This, is when I prefer to use the term ‘Reconstruction’. It is the change brought about in the life of a person, which is considered normal. Positive or negative, it is beautiful nonetheless.

Reconstruction happens to everyone every day, and probably every hour. It is initiated by a base, an emotion, mostly regret in my opinion. Vowing to never do something, never behave in a certain way, or to start behaving in a certain way, is the start of your transformation. The process always starts with instability, which determines the fate of that change you want to implement. Days pass by, you haven’t taken that tasty little treat in the fridge. Suddenly you feel the demanding rumble of your stomach. You break your vow to never eat sweets, all of a sudden, you are back to square one. The taste was so good. Your tongue, elated by the flavour, tells you to never make a vow to not eat sweets again.

At the end of a long, dark, run, villains almost always seize to be evil. Has their evolution betrayed them? Or is it now that they have actually evolved. Complicated if it you think of it in that way. When someone starts to reconstruct their personality, they have to start with a base. If that base is negative emotions, you ultimately become a bad person. When you somehow realise what you are doing is unhealthy, you start from the very beginning once again.

At the end of the day, you can always make amends, you can always change, but you may even revert back to your old self. It is your motive which decides whether you evolve, or devolve, but what is certain, is that you succumb to the truth, called change.

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