Man’s Natural Enemy

The top of the food chain is man’s territory and has been so for thousands of years. At the top, it’s only natural to look down. Sadly, every person loves to infatuate themselves with a false fact that they are at the top and no one else is. If being at the top of the food chain is the only accomplishment of a man, it is fair to say that he has not done anything at all in his life for it is natural selection that has put him in the positon he is in. When modern man says he is at the top of the food chain, it is a fraudulent claim, for it is the status of man’s forefathers that has been stolen, never earned.

Would anyone prefer to come into this world with automatic privilege or would they want to earn that privilege? Devastatingly enough, people prefer to be born that way. Hard work has left the human body like how water transpires from plants. Birth privilege is what is wished for, and if never destined with it, man calls it misfortune. What has the world come to? Hard work is what puts the extra in the ordinary, not the skill which you were gifted with. Evolving your birth skill, or using your liberty for good, is what puts the extra in the ordinary.

Man’s natural enemy is nobody but himself. The homosapien’s once brilliant mind is now filled with foolish desires which have devolved it into a brain. A once simple man with the power of reasoning has been reduced to a complex man with a brain without the power to deduce. Social powers mould people through greed, outer appearance, strength, colour, so much that it is forgotten that we all bleed the same, sweat the same, and cry the same.

Man is born with privilege only because of an abstract being called society. This horrendous fiend will haunt man for the rest of his life and spares none. A truly happy man is he who realises that he is responsible for its birth and blocks himself from it. Prioritise killing the devil, rather than feeding it with your ego.  

You are never given happiness, you earn it, and you only do so if you realise that there is no boundary to your space of improvement. Let your ego fall into the depths of darkness, but don’t fall with it. Always use your mind, not your brain, for that may be the true natural enemy of mankind.

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