Your Inner Critic

One who showers himself with compliments, pity, or excuses, will never be extraordinary but will be a jubilant fool. A divine being lives inside you. It is a harsh, ugly and scary demon like figure, but very divine. He is your inner Critic

Your inner Critic is probably the most important part of your competitive life. He wont pamper you or give you the benefit of the doubt. His responsibility is to pick up the stick not the pity reward, but, it is up to you to bring this monster up, or shut it down. Ramifications to shutting it down are rough, and one must understand why.

It’s easy for the outside world to insult you or praise you, and it’s very easy for you to ignore the criticism and take all the pity praise. Without critiquing yourself, you will end up in a stilted life. Getting out of your comfort zone should be your goal. Conquer all around you, and make every piece if land your own comfort zone. Be your biggest Critic and always never pity yourself or your situation. Stay strong and love your inner Critique, for he is your one and only true saviour.

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