Man – The Friendly Beast


If you ask a child what a beast is, he most certainly will describe a grotesque, horrifying looking creature who haunts his dreams. When you ask a grown man what a beast is, he will point at wanted criminals and psychopaths. A woman may call her husband a beast, a student may call his teacher a beast, an employee may call his boss a beast. What is the similarity between all these interpretations? All of them revolve around the perception of hatred and fear.

Man is capable of creating unimaginable terror. War, a concept created by man in hope to reach peace. What an oxymoron I say. Thinking back to how wars have started leads me to only think, isn’t a man in his raw self a beast? They say we evolved from savage wild Neanderthals but when you ask people what a beast is they don’t point at themselves? The only thing evolved is greed with a pinch of intelligence seasoned with selfishness. Use your intelligence to save the world? Yes, but through wicked means of backstabbing and betrayal which blossoms from lack of trust and suspicion.

Tigers, lions, predators at the top of the food chain are tamed and stripped of their natural, beautiful, beastly self to be reduced to entertainment. The one who tames a Beast has to be one as well. Why is the beastly nature of these predators beautiful? They only embrace the monster when hunger reached out for their neck, when the outside tries to take their life away.

 It is not a bad thing that humans have a beast inside them, but the decision of nurturing it, is wrong. You must learn to tame it. Nurturing your beast only leads to the birth of unhealthy thoughts which later personify into disturbing actions.

If you ask me what a man is, I’d describe him as nothing but a beast. He has rage, selfishness and hatred all bottled up inside of him, and is always ready to explode, as he consistently expects the worst. I say man is a beast, but it is your choice to make him a friendly one. Man always signs a contract with horned emotions by default, but it’s a choice to break it, and create a new contract with love and self-control. Shave the hair off of your inner beast, that’s when you begin to embrace, the real friendly monster.


The End of My World

Life is exactly like a dictionary, except, instead of words with their meaning, you have clusters of paths with their own meaning. Many words are different, but have the same meaning, just like the paths of life, different, but leading to the same place. So why do you have to worry about which path you choose? Though a few words are interchangeable, their connotations are not. In the same way, the paths of life, though leading to the same destination, are different.

Rocky roads, do you stick to them, or change when you have the chance? Money, a desire of many, is wanted by this man who holds on to business in pursuit of it. He walks along this rocky, treacherous road we call happiness, but decides the road is too rocky, and changes his path, to get the loan he forever wanted. The road is smooth now, wonderful in fact, but now his saviours are asking him to return all of it. He looks at his family, and decides to change roads once more. Theft. The once smooth and comfortable road we identify as fantasy, caused a major slip. The road was too smooth, too smooth to handle. He has fallen from grace and now behind bars he realises that the end of his world has come.

Avoiding the end of your world is not a hefty task, but not a light task either. Choose a path you can stick to, a path where you can’t lose footing. Otherwise, you might as well reach the end of your world as well. The path will be horrible, filled with agony and despair, but later will lead to a glorious concept known as success.

Are you curious to know what the end of my world is? It is when I allow the outside world influence the path I rightfully chose, and fall as result of something which could have been avoided. Where there is an end, there also exists a beginning, and hence, the true end of your world, is when you don’t find that new beginning. Falling from grace is not the end, but not returning just as graceful, is.